Keeping a Close Watch on Douglas County Government Spending

Many candidates for public office make promises to “hold the line” or cut government spending, but very few actually deliver. Well, I am one of the few candidates that can honestly say that I have not only held the line on Douglas County government spending, I have actually cut Douglas County government spending. I don’t just talk the talk; I walk the walk.     

While serving as Douglas County Coroner from 2011 to 2015, I slashed my annual budget by 33%, even as my caseload increased by 45%. Through my commitment to fiscal responsibility, I returned $1,485,448 to Douglas County taxpayers over my four-year term.

Simply put, I understand that your taxpayer dollars are valuable, and that as residents of Douglas County you believe that every dollar should be spent wisely and responsibly. I share that belief, and will bring a lifelong commitment to fiscal responsibility to my job as County Commissioner.

Protecting Douglas County Taxpayers from Sales and Property Taxes

As residents of one of the most economically prosperous counties in Colorado, we are blessed to call Douglas County our home. However, being economically prosperous does not mean Douglas County residents and families should be subject to higher sales and property taxes.

I believe that wealth rightly belongs to the people who earn it, and I also believe that higher taxes would discourage investment and development in our county. Therefore, as County Commissioner, I would pledge to not only hold the line on any new sales and property taxes but to also find ways to reduce the tax burden without harming our way of life.

Smart Growth & Development for Douglas County

As a resident of Douglas County for nearly 25 years, I have seen firsthand the benefits of residential and commercial development. As County Commissioner, I would be committed to ensuring that this prosperous economic growth and development continue. However, I realize that we must manage this growth properly. It cannot come at the expense of our transportation infrastructure or our water supply.

Together, we all need to work toward the right balance of strong economic growth without dramatically changing our way of life or harming Douglas County’s precious natural beauty and resources.

Fighting the Encroachment of the Federal Government in Douglas County

I'm running for Douglas County Commissioner because I want to fight against any encroachment of the federal government upon our county. I support a limited government, because less government oversight and regulation means more freedom for individuals. As a County Commissioner, I will not vote to accept any federal programs or funding that include unnecessary regulations which allow the federal government to override decisions which are best made locally.